Cold Edge Gallery

Terms and Conditions

All images in this store are the intellectual property rights of Cold Edge Gallery. They can not be copied, transferred, altered or used in any way.

Images and computer-generated images are used solely for illustrative purposes.

We are selling artwork only, no backdrop surfaces or backgrounds that are used to showcase them.

Additionally, you may want to consider painting a square of color behind the art to accentuate it.

It should be noted that all of our artwork has a light coat of protective clear coat finish applied.

Notify us at the time of purchase that this will be for outside use and we will apply an additional coat.

All of our artwork is created using high quality grade aluminum and will not rust.

If you wish to maintain the artworks original finish, then we suggest you give the panels a coat of (automobile) wax every so often (just as you would a car) for added protection against the weather. 

Like anything else the clearcoat won’t last forever and the artwork will gently patina over time. 

Additional policies.

On our multiple piece artworks, depending on your lighting conditions one or more of the pieces may appear to be lighter or even darker compared to the others, this is normal.

It is not unusual for the metal to have slight imperfections on the finished surface.

Installation/Mounting Instructions are provided and are packaged inside your shipping box. Please read them in their entirety before beginning the installation process.

Please note that the artwork mounting hardware is packaged in small clear plastic bags. They are taped to the top piece of bubble wrap or on the white packing foam. 

Take extreme care when installing the artwork standoff hardware so you do not scratch it.

We even recommend using a pair of soft gloves to eliminate the chance of fingerprints, smudges or scratches on the artwork.

Once the artwork is installed use a soft cloth like a diaper and Windex to gently wipe the pencil and or fingerprints marks off.

Do not use any harsh cleaners when cleaning the artwork, it will damage the finish.

Your Dreams – We love to do custom work so please contact us and we will make every effort to bring them to life.