Cold Edge Gallery

Metal Wall Art
Custom and Contemporary Abstract Designs.

Thank you for your interest in our unique collection of Metal Wall Art Custom and Contemporary Abstract Designs. In addition, our studio combines cutting-edge technology with handcrafted techniques to create truly exceptional pieces. Above all, our goal is to bring the raw beauty of metal to life and allow you to appreciate it whether you’re at work or home. Therefore, each piece is carefully crafted by hand and signed by the artist for added inspiration. In conclusion, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring our collection of custom designs and finding the perfect piece for your space.

Your Journey Begins….

Who is Cold Edge Gallery?

Embark on a journey of discovery whereas every destination is a new door to a diverse world of metal wall art custom.

Introducing “Cold Edge” a captivating collection of metal wall art custom and contemporary abstract designs that transcends borders. Designs created by Michele and Gary, this collection altogether is a testament to their global exploration and passion for the arts. Furthermore, drawing inspiration from their extensive travels across Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Similarly, each piece undeniably tells a unique story…..

Take a look at some of our unique designs.

Unchained Halo’s

We offer this 3D contemporary multi layered artwork in three sizes, large, medium and small.

Ocean Breeze

You can order this 3D artwork in one of our standard sizes or furthermore customize it using your own size.


This contemporary abstract artwork comes in various sizes, designs and you can subsequently customize.

What People are saying….

“Materials well packaged and organized with clear instructions. Panels were free of any burrs or sharp edges and the brushed surfaces were consistent throughout. Communication and responses from owner we’re prompt and clear. These will make a very unique statement in the entrance of a courtyard at the front of my house.”

Robert K.  6/22/23

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