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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our art collection. From the mind to the computer to the intense heat of plasma this metallic art studio truly puts itself in a class of its own. Our vision is to bring the cold edge of metal to life and have you enjoy it whether you are busy at work or relaxing at home. Each piece is hand crafted and inspirationally signed.


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Visit one of our sophisticated Galleries by clicking on one of the pictures below.


Our "Wall Art" Gallery
Bring a touch of class and sophistication to your home with a custom designed metal wall sculpture.


Our "Corporate Office" Gallery
Bring a touch of class to your office or lobby with one of our custom contemporary metal wall sculptures.


Our "Artistic Room Dividers" Gallery
Our artistic room dividers are designed to work with your open concept floor plan and allow for just a touch of division between specific areas but still leave the spaces breathe.


Our "Art Deco" Gallery
Our art deco designs are inspired from times past.


Our "Sea life" Gallery
A unique blend of tropical ocean settings and creatures of the sea metal wall sculptures.


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Cold Edge Gallery "Information Center"
Learn more about CEG, the Artist, reviews, our shipping, payment and shop policies and how to contact us.


Cold Edge Gallery "Custom Orders"
This area reserved for our customers with custom orders.



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